Vidyavahini public school is a dream come true institution for the students of Holebenavalli and surrounding village. The campus is situated at Holebenavalli Shimoga district. Every child is born with immense potentiality and parents also desire to give the best education to their children. To meet the expectation of parents and to bring out the best talent in each student is the aim of the school.
Education is not getting good marks, it is just to prepare individuals to face the challenges of life. Schooling is the solid foundation, on that children can construct their dreams to reach high in the life.


The vision of the society is to provide a holistic, value-based education in a safe, trusting and caring environment that provide a self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning. The team joins the parents and community to assist the students in developing skills.


Our mission is to strive to provide an atmosphere where every student fee physically and emotionally safe, takes responsibility of their own activites, is taught to articulate the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship, is technologically literate and globally minded.


With all that is being written now about "mindset," it is an excellent idea to begin school by having our students set positive goals. More and more schools are introducing concepts like SMART goals as a way of gradually building student's capacity to tackle the increasing challenges.